What Are Chakras?

After finishing my new line of chakra stitch markers I decided to give a more in depth look at what the chakras are and how they function. There’s a lot of misinformation about chakras so I thought this would be the perfect time to give a better insight into them. Chakras are like most ancient theories, misunderstood and watered down, but really interesting and useful when you actually understand them. Chakras are part of Indian thought and tradition, with mention of them as far back as 1700BCE-11BCE. They are the idea that we have seven major non psychical energy points along the middle of our body that connects to our seven major glands, and relates to our seven spiritual paths. It also consists of keeping these energy points balanced and using certain techniques to balance them in order to obtain and remain in the best health. Sound too woo woo? The best non woo woo way to explain it is this: Every thing in this world has energy. It is a scientific fact that you have energy, animals have energy, plants have energy etc. When we are emotional, tired, or stressed, our energy is depleted, we can get sick, and we get unbalanced. The chakras, when broken down to basics, are the result of when we are balanced, or feeling out of balance.  Here is a brief understanding of what chakras are, how they work, and how better understanding of them came help in our day to day life.


1. Root Chakra 

Located at the base of the spine, the root chakra is the color red and is  responsible for being and feeling grounded. When balanced some of the positive traits a person would portray would be: courage, strong will, confidence and self security. They would have financial independence, and be balanced sexually. Some of the traits of an unbalanced root chakra would be: insecurity, aggression, fear, and self pity. It relates mostly to the kidneys and bladder and when unbalanced can affect anything in that region ranging from bladder infection to kidney stones, constipation, hip problems etc. When the root chakra is unbalanced one tends to live a more “survival skills” type life. They would have money issues, and be over sexual.

Courtesy of chakraanatomy.com

Courtesy of chakraanatomy.com

2. Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra is located in the lower abdomen and is the color orange. It relates to happiness, and a person with a properly balanced sacral chakra might appear: social, active, enthusiastic and positive. A person with an unbalanced sacral chakra might appear the opposite as: destructive, co-dependant and withdrawn. The sacral chakra relates to the uterus, prostate and ovaries and problems with these areas can ensue such as menstrual issue, liver disease

Courtesy of chakraanatomy.com

Courtesy of chakraanatomy.com

3. Solar Plexus 

This term is used semi frequently and can be heard in just about any yoga type class as it refers to the stomach and is situated just below the ribcage and is yellow.  A person who has a balanced solar plexus would be: good willed, good humored, optimistic, with great self-esteem. They would have great control over their lives and have wonderful self worth.

Courtesy of chakraanatomy.com

Courtesy of chakraanatomy.com

4. Heart Chakra

Our ability to love: accept love, give love, and be loved. The location of this chakra is actually just above the heart and is green. When balanced a person would feel, love, joy, inner peace, happiness, and self control. If unbalanced, anything in that region would be affected leading to heart disease, breast cancer, and even effect the immune system. A person with a balanced heart chakra would feel love, harmony generosity, compassion, and empathy, while a person needing a heart chakra tune up would appear: bitter, jealous,or unkind.

Courtesy of chakra-anatomy.com

Courtesy of chakra-anatomy.com

5. Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is blue and governs our self expression. A person with a balanced throat chakra tends to be: tactful, calm, trustworthy,  speak the truth and communicate very well. On the flip side, if a person’s throat chakra is unbalanced they might sound: crass, or cold, and be unloyal, untrustworthy, or self-righteous. Being in the throat region, and unbalanced throat chakra could case: asthma, thyroid issues, sore throat and bronchitis.

Curtsey of chakraanatomy.com

Courtesy of chakraanatomy.com

6. Brow Chakra/Third Eye

Referred to as the third eye because of it’s connection to intuition, the brow chakra is an indigo color and rests in the center of the forehead. When someone is highly intuitive or “psychic” they have a powerful, balanced, third eye chakra and are very clear headed, insightful, integrous, wise, faithful, and trustworthy. Many psychic readers have or and strong brow chakra. A person who is lacking balance here would be: scatter brained, inconsiderate or get a lot of “feeling” they themselves can’t trust. They might also suffer headaches, ear, sinus, and eye problems.

Courtesy of chakraanatomy.com

Courtesy of chakraanatomy.com

7. Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is considered by many to be the highest level of the chakras and is a violet or light purple color. It relates to our self knowledge and spiritual awareness and is used by many New Age and Spiritual Teachers as their logo and branding colors for this very reason. A person with a strong crown chakra is wise, creative, giving to others, insightful, and knowledgeable. They tend to be leaders and humanitarians and being around them is calming and blissful. A person with an unbalanced crown chakra would have a superiority complex and feel they are better then others. They have no concern for others and are short sided. They might also suffer from depression, and many other types of mental disorders.

How To Balance A Chakra

If one or more of these chakras is unbalanced this guide should give you a better understanding of which ones might need a little fine tuning. Here are some examples of what can help balance your chakras.


Breath work focusing on the color and rotation of your chakra is a quick and easy way to make sure all of your “wheels” are rotating properly.



Using Chakra Colors

By using the colors associated with your chakras it helps to keep them balanced. Wearing chakra jewelry, keeping certain colors in your home pertaining to that chakra or using them in other aspects of your life helps to keep those energies flowing properly.

The idea and tradition of the chakras is one of the oldest traditions that is still used and considered relevant today. I hope this gives you a better understanding of what they really are and how you can utilize this knowledge for your highest good. Although the idea of the chakras has been misconstrued by many, the history and teachings of them is really powerful and actually quite interesting when you get to know it a  little better. Give them a try and see how tapping into this ancient tradition works for you.

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