Genevieve Sweater Update: Cable Band & Skirt

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/1ec/63032955/files/2014/12/img_3186.jpgI finished the band and started on the skirt about a week ago but with all the holiday hustle and bustle I didn’t post it. I had to use mattress stitch to bring it all together and I can’t honestly say if in my twenty years of knitting I’ve ever done that stitch before. Crazy how that happens right? I watched a video and got a pretty good understanding of it but with the yarn I am using it left little holes. I checked on Ravelry and some of the pictures from other people who had done this pattern showed that they too had little holes while some chose to forgo that and just leave the v in. I chose to do the latter and am not 100% in love with it yet but I want to knit a good amount before deciding that I don’t like it.

For those who also haven’t done mattress stitch before this is the video I watched. It was very helpful although I do think it would work better on the lateral stitching instead of the horizontal stitching of the bind off.

I’m looking forward to the skirt starting to take shape so I can see how the rest comes together. There’s not much worse than taking knitting out… except keeping knitting you’re not happy with!
We’ll see how it turns out! I’m so excited to watch it turn into a little sweater for my girl.

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