Last Minute Gift Guide for the Unique, Rustic, Old Fashioned, and “Difficult To Buy For” people in your life (Men’s Edition)

As promised, here is the Holiday Gift Guide Men’s Edition! As with the Women’s Edition, this is the holiday list for a different kind of man. The kind of guys I know aren’t techie and don’t own iPods, iPhones, iPads, or ianything and are lucky if they even know how to turn on a computer. They don’t have subscriptions to GQ or Maximum and would be offended by the thought of it. They aren’t hipsters and are confused when people ask what kind of mustache wax they use. They don’t own an tie, they don’t wear designer shoes, and they think golf is funny.
So who are these guys? They are diesel techs, Cowboys and rodeo champs, mechanics, mountain men, warehouse workers, fishermen contractors, farmers, stainable living experts, and every other hardworking, old fashioned gentlemen that doesn’t ever get a gift guide made for him! So this guide is for the guys I grew up with, the man I’m married to, and all the other men who fit into this category that most people don’t know even exist anymore. They are the backbone of this country and hold many of the same values today as they did over a hundred years ago. If you are, or know a man that fits this description, I hope you can find something awesome and fitting from this list!

Holiday Gift Guide For Him



1. Leather book for notes, musings, and long trips away from home by Codice. Pick up a copy at:

2. While these guys might not read your typical “men’s magazines” it doesn’t get much manlier than Western Horsemen magazine. Give a subscription to the cowboy or equestrian in your life by going to the Western Horsemen site at:

3. Many men, no matter what age, are loving pocket watches. Give them something old and something new by gifting them with this handsome wooden pocket watch from Humbert Creations.

4. Personalized, rustic, leather, wallet. Enough said. Styled By Deniss

5. In todays busy life it’s all about faster results in less amount of time. But with something as simple as shaving, men used to take some personal time in the morning for their grooming that didn’t include tanning. Give your guy the gift of “me time” with this stylish straight razor from Mini Fab, that has him grooming old school in no time.

6. Deerskin gloves for the hardworking man who faces harsh conditions and tough jobs. No need to tear up your hands when they can be kept safe in the shelter of a strong pair of deerskin gloves. This pair is also known for holding up better then most. Protect your guys fingers by picking up a pair at:

7. Caterpillar is one of the oldest industrial companies in America and their hard work and steady backbone is a big cause for that. Their workwear is no different. Give your industry man, (or any other man with great taste) a pair of these CAT boots to keep him moving in safety and form by visiting:

8. This is just the coolest little contraption ever. A multi purpose tool is a must have for any guy (or girl for that matter) that does…anything really. There’s no end to what these babies can do and these are even personalized by Teals Prairie for an extra added touch. They also include a nifty carrying case. Give one to your handy man for him to keep on him or in his truck, by going to:

9. How’s a guy supposed to keep all his tools and equipment organized? By getting him this sturdy, useful, and oh so good-looking Carhartt tool bag with molded base. Give him the best of everything, made by one of the most trusted names, by heading over to:

10. Grooming doesn’t need to be fancy but it can still be impressive and manly. Lone Woods accomplishes this by making great smelling, all natural, and incredibly masculine products for men such as this shaving cream and after shave set. Pick up a set of “no frills or gimmicks” grooming supplies by going to their site at:

11. A hand knit beanie is just the thing for any guy who works outside whether it’s in the field, on a boat, or under the hood of a big diesel truck. Give him one made by the grizzly looking Abrahams Son Co, a manly man and knitter!

12. Last, but certainly not least, is this grilling gift set from Denver Spice. Nothing beats the flavor of a charcoal grill but this spice set will take your grilling to a whole new level. Taste the difference at:


And there you have it! The Dowdy Shepherd’s Holiday gift Guide Men’s Edition! As with the women’s edition, there are a lot of small businesses mentioned on this list. I do not endorse these businesses, am not sponsored by them, nor do I receive any sort of kickback from any of the companies mentioned on this list. I do however strongly support small businesses and hope you can support them as well by passing this list on, liking it, sharing it, or even spreading the word about one of the merchants in particular. This country was built on small businesses and these people are living their dream by making and selling the things they love so your support, and the support from people just like you, gives them the ability to do so.

Thanks for checking out our gift guides! We hope you’ve got some good ideas for this year or even for future holidays. Merry Christmas!

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