Last Minute Gift Guide for the Unique, Rustic, Old Fashioned, and “Difficult To Buy For” people in your life (Women’s Edition)

Christmas is just around the corner and if you’re like me you still have a couple people on your list to get gifts for. And if you’re like me you also have at least one person in your life who loves the unique. It happens every year, Groupon, Amazon and all the big companies send out the “Must Have Holiday Gift Guide” which promises “something for everyone” but somehow every year I don’t really like anything on the list. My whole family was like that growing up and now my husband is like this too. We’re really not that difficult to buy for but we do have a specific style that usually isn’t seen in a Macy’s ad. If you, or someone you know, fits into this category then I hope you can find something on this list!

Holiday Gift Guide For Her


1. Dried Herb Wreath for the home decor lover in your life by Clover Hollow Designs

2. Kraft Paper Recipe Card for the little chef in your life by Snail Mail Designs

3. Handmade laundry soap for the gal who likes clean clothes and clean products by Soap For Your Soul

4. Handmade Skull & Garnet Earrings for any women who loves uniquely romantic jewelry  handmade by Eternal Elements

5. A subscription to Hobby Farm or Urban Farm magazine. These are great magazines for the new or seasoned farmer or any gal interested in learning homesteading in the city or country. Send a subscription from their website at:

6. For the natural and beauty loving jewelry loving chica these are the perfect earrings from Gem Jewelry by H West NY. I know they’ve been on my Christmas list for a while.

7. What could be better than stunning wild flowers? Getting them as rainbow colored seed bombs of course! Drop a pretty bomb this holiday season and get her ready for Spring by visiting Plantables and Paper at:

8. Aromatherapy is useful for medicinal purposes along with personal, hygiene, and of course, smelling phenomenal. Give health and relaxation to one lucky dame with this aromatherapy gift set from Eden’s Garden and she’ll enjoy it year round!

9. Rustic, girly, and well priced? Yes, please! Any lady would be pleased to get one of the incredibly elegant pieces from Wild Skin. Check out her shop at:

10.Just because someone doesn’t knit doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get to enjoy the comfort and style of a knitted item. Pick up these handmade, versatile gloves now and keep her warm this holiday season by visiting Nikki Knit at:

11. is the bees knees for any crafter! Send a class or gift card to any crafty girl in your life. She can expand her skills or pick up new ones from the comfort of her own home at:

12. These really don’t need an introduction. For any badass chick in your life these boots are a must. Customizable, any size, and one of a kind boots made by The Look Factory can be purchased, and forever envied here:


That’s it for the gals, girls, and hers in your life! I hope you can find something for the “hard to find something for” lady who deserves the best!

Most of these gifts are from small businesses and feature artists and handmade makers from around the world! By sharing or liking this list, or by purchasing any of the items from this list you are helping a small business. No proceeds benefit myself or The Dowdy Shepherd.

Stay tuned for the Men’s Edition coming tomorrow!

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