The Power of Mind


Photo courtesy of Web Ecoist and their 15 Tiny Storybook Cottages article

I fiercely believe in the power of mind. So much so that I believe it’s working in our favor even when we might be unaware of it. I once heard a saying, “Your mind will evict you from situations that no longer suit you, ” which I thought was so great. Life is full of things that cannot be explained but somehow seem to magically work out in our favor. Maybe it’s a bad relationship ending followed by meeting the person of your dreams, or perhaps it’s getting fired only to finally open your own business and become wildly successful. I see this kind of stuff in my own life but also in the lives of those around me and it’s always a fascinating unraveling process.

This happened recently with my sister who was in a lot of situations she was unhappy with but couldn’t seem to get out of. Firstly, she lives in a city she greatly dislikes and doesn’t seem to fit in but hasn’t had the finances to move out of. Despite having friends and family who would help her get on her feet elsewhere, she couldn’t gather enough together to actually initiate the move. She then purchased a car some months ago which was a little higher in price then she wanted but couldn’t seem to find anything less. She used her savings and had to borrow money from an outside source to make up the difference. She begrudgingly purchased the car and had a $200 monthly payment, which although average, was just too much for her. And with the type of vehicle she purchased, had a bit higher of an insurance rate. She did like the car but was very unhappy with the price when all was said and done. Then a few weeks ago something happened that was a blessing in disguise. She got into a car accident. No one was hurt but her car was totaled. She’s usually pretty negative but this time was very calm and clear. She said, “I can’t really be upset because all I can think is it’s God’s way of saying there’s something better for me.” Although she had moments of fear and doubt through the process, the final conclusion presented itself this weekend. Her gap insurance covered the whole cost of the rest of her loan. She then bought a lower cost vehicle with the insurance money, but now she owns her vehicle and doesn’t have to make payments, her insurance was lowered because of her new vehicle type, she had enough to payback the outside source, and had some remaining money to finally move from the city she dislikes so much. There really was no better way for the situation to go. The car accident sure wasn’t the greatest of things but she couldn’t be happier in her current situation.


Or maybe something like this? Courtesy of Web Ecoist and their 15 Tiny Storybook Cottages article

I keep thinking about this as I prepare to look for a new rental. As I previously wrote, my husband and I were in the home buying process which didn’t work out. We were planning to continue renting the condo where we currently live but were told last night that if we stay, they are intending to raise the price. It’s already a highly priced place but with the new rate it would be absurd and unjustifiable to stay. We wanted a small, two bedroom, apporx 1000 sq ft house with a backyard in a neighboring town with lesser rent,(like in the pictures) but we thought maybe it would be better to stay put and continue doing what we’re doing. But every time we were going to buy anything for the current place or do anything that was settling in for another year, we both would get a nagging feeling like we should wait. After a week of not hearing back from our property management they finally informed us that we could stay, but with a higher price. Out of every place either one of us has ever rented, we have never even heard of this but with this company, each time a tenant renews the price goes up 5%. Aside from being in awe that anyone would even do this, I am not disappointed. All I can think is, “your mind will evict you from situations that no longer suit it” and how everything with my sister and her car went perfectly. This is one of those moments where we can chose to get overwhelmed by stress and the concept of moving in the middle of a Colorado Winter while five months pregnant with a year and a half year old, but instead we’re looking at it like “bring it on”. If our minds are evicting us for something better then they have their work cut out for them cause I’ve got a great imagination and the place we live now is pretty nice so our minds have some pretty big shoes to fill! Call it God, the Universe, Self, or the power of mind, I’m fine with all three and I can honestly say I am excited about where they’re taking us!

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