Genevieve Sweater Update: Bodice & Cable


I am loving this pattern. It’s very simple and easy to follow so I can knit it while I’m with my son, but it’s also engaging enough that I’m not bored waiting to be done with it.

It’s knitted in pieces and I’m done with the first piece, which is the bodice, and have moved on to the cable band. I’ll still have to add the buttons and hood to the bodice portion but for now it’s awaiting those add ons while I work on other pieces.


I’m not a huge fan of the yarn I’m using. I love the color but it doesn’t knit up as flat and tight as I would like it to. I don’t usually block when I’m finished but I will this time to help the stitches look their best. I kind of live by the saying “life is too short to knit with cheap yarn” especially because I have worked at two yarn stores and cannot ignore the difference in quality. But since I won this yarn and it was the weight and color I needed it seemed silly to go out and buy something. But take it from me, the difference is seen and felt by the wearer, knitter, and viewers. I’m hoping some blocking and classy buttons give it the look and feel I’m going for and that it’s good enough for the little one on the way.
Now to find the perfect buttons…

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