Super Cute & Simple DIY Pin Cushion

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Embroidery is one of those amazingly beautiful old timey skills that has made a huge comeback in the last few years. I learned how to embroider when I was much younger but my first love, knitting, came first and other crafts and hobbies took a backseat for quite some time. I decided recently I wanted to pick it back up and took an online class on called ‘Design it, Stitch It: Hand Embroidery’ by Jessica Marquez. It was an awesome class and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning embroidery. It’s especially useful if you like learning in the privacy of your own home or don’t have a local shop that teaches it. You can also replay it as needed so if you forget anything you and watch it again and again.

Along with embroidery comes embroidery needles so if you currently embroider or are taking it up, you’ll need a pin cushion for all those tiny vicious needles. This pin cushion is super simple and I’m really happy with how it turned out. I think it kind of looks like a Valentine’s Sweetheart candy.

What you’ll need:
Felt Squares (you can find these online or at any local craft supply)
Embroidery Thread
Embroidery Needle
Fabric Pen

You can pick any felt and thread color you like for this.

1.Use a cookie cutter or stencil to trace two large heart cutouts on Color A

2.Use a cookie cutter or stencil to trace one small heart cutout on Color B

3. Line up smaller heart into middle of one of the larger heart pieces. ( you won’t sew the larger hearts together until the end) make sure sides with marker marks are not showing.

4. Using a running stitch, sew the smaller heart to the larger heart along the edges.

5. Using a split stitch, put some fun words like my “Made With Love”. I did my free hand but you could could use a fabric marker and follow that or check out the fantastic iron ons from Urban Threads. They have the best embroidery patterns for really cheap and are also having a Holiday sale right now. Here is their site:

6. If you’re doing adding embellishments, take the other large heart cutout and line it up with your front piece. You can do two types of stitching here. I used running stitch again cause I really love the way it looks but a lot of people use blanket stitch on these types of projects. You can see instructions here for the stitches I used along with a few others:

7. Once you’ve only got about an inch left, stuff your heart with batting tearing it into small pieces so it doesn’t bunch up. I use chopsticks but you can use anything long like a pen to help push the batting into the right spaces and help shaping.

8. Once it’s completely full, sew up remaining inch, tuck in thread and tie off.

9. Trim edges if need be and you’re done!

I would love to see what you come up with and how yours turns out. I made this to keep all my needles in one place since my son likes to grab them, but unfortunately he’s more drawn to them when their sticking out of a cute pin cushion! Enjoy and either keep away from children or make two so they have one to play with as well. Sans the needles;)

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