Casting On: Genevieve Sweater

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When my husband and I found out we were expecting our second child we were so excited. One of the biggest moments is when you find out the gender but for those who don’t know, that’s not until 16 weeks! That means you’re going MONTHS without knowing if you should be gearing up for a boy or girl. Although I had a pretty good feeling we were having a girl this time, I wasn’t about to cast on a project until we got confirmation from the doctor.

Once we confirmed we are in fact expecting a girl I hit Ravelry with ferocity. This is the first item my little girl with have made for her, it has to be perfect. Some people say babies don’t have personality that early but they totally do. When I made things for my son it was always with a western/cowboy feel and just like his daddy, he’s a little cowboy too. I thought if I had a daughter she would be a little cowgirl and saved patterns based on that. But the longer I’ve been pregnant I keep getting this “English Rose” feeling and loving more of a Medieval and Renaissance type look. That’s when I found the perfect first item to knit our little girl.

The Pattern is the Genevieve Sweater by Teresa King and can be found here:  or on her page here:


Both garment pictures are from Raverly and the Juilbeans online shop

As you can see it’s the perfect little elvish sweater coat with a nice Celtic style cable and ridiculously cool/cute hoodie! It starts in 6 months and goes up to 4/5 year olds. I am making the 6 month since she’s due in May and Colorado is way too hot for sweaters in the summer so the 6 month will be perfect for the Fall.

What I’m Using:

I am using a classic worsted weight wool that I won in the Yarn Along The Rockies Yarn Crawl which fits the gauge at about 5 sts to the inch. Any similar size would work and I recommend Superwash since it’s a child’s garment.

Size 8 Knitters Pride 24″ Circular needles (as seen in pic)

Size 6 Knitters Pride 24″ Circular needles

4 Stitch Markers

The stitch markers pictured above are custom stitch markers of characters from the show Supernatural by The Lemonade Shop. The owner, Heather makes all sorts of and cute little  caricature knitting and crochet stitch markers. You can see some of her stuff here: or order from her here:

I can’t wait to share the finished product but I’ll post updates along the way! I just hope my little girl loves it as much as I love making it for her.

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